Civil Twilight

Обложка альбома Civil TwilightCivil Twilight is a three-piece rock band who originated in Cape Town, South Africa before relocating to United States. They signed to indie label, Wind-up Records, and have released their debut album. Originally hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Civil Twilight is a power trio that draws parallels to Muse, Pilot Speed, and other like-minded bands with impassioned vocals and stirring, alt-rock songcraft. Brothers Andrew and Steven McKeller were raised in a musical household, having explored their father's jazz collection at a young age while listening to their classically trained mother play piano. In November 1996, Andrew launched a teenaged band with help from his high school classmate, guitarist Richard Wouters. The two scheduled an inaugural rehearsal for the following month; in the interim, Andrew discovered that his younger brother, Steven, could sing and write songs. The three musicians subsequently banded together, with Steven agreeing to master the bass and Wouters giving up the guitar (which Andrew also played) to learn drums. . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
  • Трек: Letters From The Sky
  • Исполнитель (артист): Civil Twilight
  • Длительность 4:35
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky"

    • 4:09
      Civil TwilightHuman
    • 3:40
      Civil TwilightHoly Dove
    • 4:19
      Civil TwilightRun Dry
    • 3:41
      Civil TwilightFire Escape
    • 5:21
      Civil TwilightTeardrop
    • 3:34
      Civil TwilightSave Yourself
    • 3:13
      Civil TwilightThe Courage Or The Fall
    • 2:50
      Civil TwilightHighway Of Fallen Kings
    • 4:15
      Civil TwilightPlease Don't Find Me
    • 3:34
      Civil TwilightNext To Me
    • 3:56
      Civil TwilightLet It Go
    • 3:14
      Civil TwilightRiver
    • 4:45
      Civil TwilightLove Was All That Mattered
    • 5:40
      Civil TwilightPerfect Stranger
    • 3:48
      Civil TwilightBelieve
    • 3:15
      Civil TwilightMove/Stay
    • 6:37
      Civil TwilightWhat You Want
    • 3:09
      Civil TwilightDidn't Know When To Stop
    • 6:12
      Civil TwilightAnybody Out There
    • 3:49
      Civil TwilightEvery Walk That I've Ever Taken Has Been In Your Direction
    • 6:18
      Civil TwilightQuiet In My Town
    • 5:58
      Civil TwilightOnly For A Time
    • 4:17
      Civil TwilightHighway Of Fallen Kings
    • 4:53
      Civil TwilightOh Daniel
    • 4:36
      Civil TwilightStory Of An Immigrant
    • 3:46
      Civil TwilightRiver Child
    • 4:28
      Civil TwilightDoorway
    • 6:30
      Civil TwilightFire Escape
    • 4:59
      Civil TwilightHoly Weather
    • 3:50
      Civil TwilightAll My Clothes
    • 4:12
      Civil TwilightWhen, When
    • 5:04
      Civil TwilightSomething She Said
    • 2:55
      Civil TwilightShape of a Sound
    • 5:03
      Civil TwilightThe Other Side
    • 3:43
      Civil TwilightIt's Over
    • 5:27
      Civil TwilightTrouble
    • 2:52
      Civil TwilightDying To Be Born
    • 3:21
      Civil TwilightSoldier
    • 3:50
      Civil TwilightOn The Surface
    • 5:09
      Civil TwilightStolen
    • 4:00
      Civil TwilightRiver
    • 4:08
      Civil TwilightSweet Resistance
    • 3:38
      Civil TwilightShape Of A Sound
    • 4:49
      Civil TwilightFire Escape
    • 4:15
      Civil TwilightPlease Don't Find Me
    • 3:09
      Civil TwilightDidn't Know When To Stop
    • 3:54
      Civil TwilightLet It Go
    • 3:49
      Civil TwilightEvery Walk That I've Ever Taken Has Been In Your Direction