Froggy Fresh

Обложка альбома Froggy Fresh.
  • Трек: Same Old Kid
  • Исполнитель (артист): Froggy Fresh
  • Длительность 4:18
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Froggy Fresh - Same Old Kid"

    You could love me you could hate me
    But you won't ever break me
    I shall not fear a thing for my dear lord will not forsake me
    Persecute me, boy you could shoot me homie
    You could stone me
    You could lock me up in solitary, all I know is lonely
    All I know is work, all I know is hurt, all I know is pain
    All I know is rainy days, all I know is chains
    It's me and Mike, it doesn't matter what our name is
    You can't take away our dreams and we got dreams of being famous
    I done seen too many souls become a victim of the system
    Either wind up flippin' burgers or their packed inside a prison
    I don't want it, I don't want that for my fam
    Something we cannot stand
    We will scrape and crawl into our promised land
    They do not know me, therefore they cannot hold me
    Watch me break into the upper class and bring all of my homies
    Cause you're my brothers and I love you as I do myself
    I put that on my health, what is wealth without a common will

    I'm Froggy Fresh and I ain't gon' rest
    Ain't gonna stop until you pull this heart out of my chest
    On the same old street in the same old crib
    Yeah the name done changed, but I'm the same old kid
    Screamin' I'm Froggy Fresh and I ain't gon' rest
    Ain't gonna stop until you pull this heart out of my chest
    On the same old street in the same old crib
    Yeah the name done changed, but I'm the same old kid

    They cannot stop us because we are a movement
    Whether you are my brother or some kid I went to school with
    Dog I ain't no would-be, they're scared and they should be
    Yes now they are afraid of the idea of what we could be
    We will be, boy you could cut my tongue out, you could kill me
    But you won't ever ever stop the spirit that does fill me
    Cause love don't ever die, I thought you knew by now
    You stop our breath, you dig a grave, and put us in the ground
    I just hope that when I go, I go out with a smile
    Proud as they stack me and my homies in a pile
    And I will pass away as I have done before
    It only took me 'til the age of 9 to learn that life's a war
    And I can't even lie, you don't want it, you know why
    Cause when you look me in the eye you know I ain't afraid to die
    Cause there's victory in death long as you die for something great
    If death is what it takes for me to win then I won't stay

    And they won't ever tell you, but they hate to see you make it
    And as soon as you get something for yourself they wanna take it
    Well go on, you can have it, I'll look away while you grab it
    Boy I don't need no stacks and I don't need no baller status
    Ain't no power in the dollar, but the power's in the people
    Cause our wallets ain't the same don't mean we ain't created equal
    I don't need for you to clap, I don't need for you to cheer
    I just hope that when I speak that there's somebody there to hear
    And I don't need no castle, cause every castle crumbles
    I know that I'm gon' stumble, I just hope that I die humble
    I hope that I stay down to earth and grounded
    Because my fortress is the human race by which I am surrounded
    I hope you love me, I hope you love me
    I hope to God that there's a heaven up above me
    I see the beauty, the beauty in what we could be
    So my dear brothers let us all be what we should be

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