Tomas Ledin

Обложка альбома Tomas LedinTomas Ledin (born February 25, 1952 in Rätan, Sweden) is a Swedish singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. He grew up in the town of Sandviken. Tomas Ledin started his career in 1972 when his first single Då ska jag spela was a big hit. Other successful songs followed : Blå, blå känslor (1973), (covered by Björn Skifs), Knivhuggarrock (1975), Festen har börjat (1976), I natt är jag din (1977). At the beginning of the 70's, the singer was influenced by hippie fashion and demonstrated against the Vietnam war. He also took part in a Swedish stage production of the musical Gospell in 1975 and performed in 140 concerts in the Swedish folkparks in 1977. In 1979, ABBA member Benny Andersson , offered him to record for the group's company Polar Music. The singer joined Abba on their 1979-1980 tour as a backing vocalist but also got the opportunity to sing his own composition Not bad at all during the show. Tomas Ledin also appeared on the Abba Live Dvd and on the Super Trouper Video. He won the Swedish Melodifestivalen in 1980 and represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest that year with "Just Nu.".
  • Трек: I've Been Waiting For The Summer
  • Исполнитель (артист): Tomas Ledin
  • Длительность 4:22
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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    • 2:54
      Tomas LedinListen To Your Heart
    • 3:35
      Tomas LedinCharlie Chaplin
    • 5:05
      Tomas LedinI've Been Waiting For The Summer
    • 3:46
      Tomas LedinSet The World On Fire
    • 4:40
      Tomas LedinLura gärna nå'n annan
    • 4:32
      Tomas LedinJust For The Fun
    • 3:40
      Tomas LedinRed Lips
    • 3:04
      Tomas LedinSommaren är kort
    • 1:36
      Tomas LedinThat's No Way To Say Goodbye
    • 6:04
      Tomas LedinI natt är jag din
    • 4:26
      Tomas LedinMove A Little Closer
    • 3:41
      Tomas LedinKeep It Up
    • 5:00
      Tomas LedinDe-Danz-Danz-Danza-De-Danza
    • 4:28
      Tomas LedinVem tänder stjärnorna
    • 3:55
      Tomas LedinNever Again
    • 4:34
      Tomas LedinBlack Knight, The Faker
    • 3:58
      Tomas LedinHade du glömt
    • 5:48
      Tomas LedinEfter vinter kommer vår
    • 4:22
      Tomas LedinLay It All Down
    • 3:25
      Tomas LedinEverybody Wants To Hear It
    • 2:13
      Tomas LedinRestless Mind
    • 2:21
      Tomas LedinGe mig nyckeln till din dörr
    • 4:28
      Tomas LedinLoving You Is Like Chasing A Dream (Eng. version av Kärleken är som en studsande boll)
    • 5:24
      Tomas LedinFesten har börjat
    • 4:45
      Tomas LedinEn del av mitt hjärta
    • 4:48
      Tomas LedinVi ska gömma oss i varandra
    • 2:58
      Tomas LedinLova mig att du är där
    • 3:57
      Tomas LedinRestless Mind
    • 4:53
      Tomas LedinLet Your Feelings Float Around With Mine
    • 3:06
      Tomas LedinTa' mej
    • 5:59
      Tomas LedinFesten har börjat
    • 3:23
      Tomas LedinRussian Roulette
    • 4:24
      Tomas LedinEn lång väg tillsammans
    • 4:21
      Tomas LedinShe's In Love With My Best Friend
    • 5:49
      Tomas LedinDu kan lita på mig
    • 5:45
      Tomas LedinLivs levande
    • 7:09
      Tomas LedinI natt är jag din
    • 2:41
      Tomas LedinSamma visa
    • 4:00
      Tomas LedinLivs levande
    • 4:17
      Tomas LedinLovemaker
    • 4:27
      Tomas LedinVem tänder stjärnorna
    • 4:36
      Tomas LedinLovers Come Easy
    • 4:06
      Tomas LedinCrazy About You
    • 4:40
      Tomas LedinBody
    • 3:33
      Tomas LedinDet ligger i luften